News from Tyria!

Sanctuary of Pelor avows neutrality!

According to sources Dawncaller Saerith Crescas has issued a proclamation to the faithful forswearing both sides in the Civil war! In it she is said to have declared, “Our concern is not with kings or kingdoms, but with standing against the darkness that ever threatens to swallow the light and providing Sanctuary to all in need.”

Sanctuaries of Pelor across Tyria have already been caring for refugees, declaring acceptance for all regardless of afiliation or reason for refuge, in one case even sheltering an agent of House Spearing in Naugard. This has drawn some fire toward the sanctuaries from some who claim far from being neutral, Dawncaller Crescas is using sanctuaries of Pelor to do her house’s work in the war, a charge the faithful and clergy both have roundly dismissed.
“Weren’t here yesterday, were you, Nobby?” Answered an adherent when asked about the issue in The Haven of the Light. “When she tossed out some poor bugger with some official someorother from her house on ‘is ear. ‘Get out!’ She yelled at ‘im. ‘N’ take yer war with ya!’ Naw, she din yell. All calm as calm can be she was, but it felt like she was yellin. Felt like it down to m’bones. He asked her if’n her blood remembered who she was, and calm as calm can be she told ‘im ‘Aye. But my soul remembers who I serve better.’”

South Wall declares for House Medarrion!

According to sources, South Wall has issued a declaration condemning the the loyalist houses and movement! The declaration surprised many who remembered the insurrection led by Warden General Sarthus Keridon when House Medarrion first took the throne. When asked about the apparent shift in his allegiances, he dismissed the claim by referring back to his declaration saying “[…] I took up arms against he who slew our king, as was the proper course. One is not made king by slaying the king. I found and find the notion abhorrent. I take up arms now against those who would attempt the same.” The declaration must surely come as a relief to the crown, as with The Lion’s support, it finds itself deadlocked against equal forces in the war instead of wholly outnumbered. Further, the military mind of Lord General Kiridan, some have commented, may prove worth more than any number of soldiers he might field. At the declaration, however, several townships raised loyalist banners and began fielding militias against South Wall herself. With insurrection within and two of the largest Loyalist armies at South Wall’s borders, will even The Lion of the South be able to shape the war outside his lands?

Lion of the South names heiress!

According to sources, Warden General Sarthus Keridan has named Countess Adrie Bennesdotter heiress to South Wall! The declaration came as a surprise to many outside South Wall’s lands, to whom she had been a virtual unknown. Within South Wall Countess Bennesdotter is credited with keeping the peace of Havenshire and its surrounding farms as a member of the peasantry, often in direct opposition to more formal authorities and at great personal cost. When finally the notorious brigand, lord-killer and general ne’er-do-well Mindarthus Silverberg himself arrived at Havenshire, however, the forces arrayed against her led The Temple of the Raven Queen to try to secret her away for her safety. It wasn’t until the man, the myth and the legend Sir Jet Dominic intervened that her safety was secured and her efforts were brought to Lord General Keridon’s attention, however. According to reports, Sir Dominic may have been aided by a number of squires and manservants as well.

Speaking to the crowds who gathered with much fanfare for the event, The Lion reputedly proclaimed, “Long ago, The Hellnor’s exhorted us to name she who we find most worthy to bear the burden of seeing to the safety of our lands. Before today, Adrie Bennesdotter shouldered this duty herself with little support or means and still less recognition. Today, those things change." For his valor, Sir Jet Dominic has been raised to knighthood and named to Countess Benesdotter’s personal guard, making her arguably the safest person in Tyria.

Black banners raised in South Wall!

According to sources, The Black Falcons have begun to wage war on South Wall’s lands! What first seemed like isolated pockets of unrest from Loyalist militias now seems to be a unified front led by The Black Falcon Mercenary group, the very same that attempted the slaughter at the wedding of Adia Barshai and Raphael Ignaciez. No comment has been forthcoming from The Black Falcons, but a number of loyalist militias have already disclaimed any connection with the mercenary group. As to the degree of coordination between the two groups several of Lord General Keridan’s bannerman claim to have witnessed, however, they had no comment. Speculators have noted Loyalists have little reason to love The Black Falcons, as many of the attempted assassination victims were prominent Loyalist house members. Despite this, however, the Loyalists in South Wall and The Black Falcons have managed to avoid coming to blows.

Heroes of […] chose proper name!

Not sure what to call The Heroes of the North after their exploits in Naugard and Lezhit? According to sources, they realised this interfered with the ability of the grateful masses to shout their name in praise and have thus renamed themselves The Band of the Rose!

Some have suggested they indeed had an adventuring company name before this, but the reports indicating a name were considered frankly too ridiculous to be credible.

Warden Hadar Crescas slain!

According to sources, Warden Hadar Crescas, defender of Murong gate, watcher of The Keep of the First Line and head of House Crescas was murdered by a man disguised as his attendant! Witnesses say the late Lord Crescas was taking his breakfast before meeting his officers on the field when he was brutally murdered while unarmed and unarmored. The assassin managed to escape the warcamp then fled to Æthelstan-of-the-Hills’ lands, avoiding pursuit. This for many has placed suspicion on Earl Dayan Arill. Commented an anonymous source within House Crescas, “And who else would see him dead, now of all times? No one’s had a bad word to say of him in Tyria all the years of his life, and now that he takes the field against that blackguard- … No! … No! I’m only saying what’s truth. It’s that bastard Arill, or else it’s his black-hearted son back to his old ways. Had to learn them someplace, I say.” House Crescas has made no official statement regarding the culprit; though, they have publicly accepted House Arill’s official condolences.

He is succeeded by his wife, Heneh Crescas, who has said she plans to pass the title down as soon as the official ceremony can be held.

Murong Gate saved by the Band of the Rose!

According to sources, a rakshasa infiltration attempting the usurpation of House Crescas has been thwarted by The Band of the Rose! The perpetrators were responsible for a number of murders within South Wall, most of which had gone undetected due to rakshasas impersonating the deceased. The list of those so replaced is said to include magistrates, guard captains, and Acheil Crescas himself, who would now have been second in line as head of house after the assassination of Hadar Crescas and steward of Murong Gate in Raana Crescas’ absence. According to testimony by Mathias of Bahamut, rakshasa were ultimately behind the sacking of the temple of the Raven Queen at East End as well. Said he when asked of the The Band of the Rose’s actions, “They were somewhat unorthodox, but effective perhaps because of that. They found the the path to the truth at the start and kept to it despite believing doing so would more likely than not mean their deaths. Tyria is fortunate to have their like.” A statue in The Band’s honor has been commissioned to be built.

Following the ouster of the Rakshasa, Ferros has committed to remaining in Murong Gate and defending its acting steward, Tatiana Crescas. Previously sent by House Arill to investigate the sacking of the temple, he assisted The Band of the Rose against the rakshasa and has claimed an obligation to remain saying, “I swore oaths of fealty to House Arill and Tyria both, and House Arill cannot stand without Tyria. This makes my obligation clear. Defending the integrity of Murong Gate against those from without who would see it compromised does not betray my oaths. It holds true to their purest spirit.” Rumour has suggested House Arill does not share his view, but what action, if any, can and may be taken remains to be seen. Rampant speculation has also begun regarding whom the threat “from without” may refer to.

Bear robs boat!

According to sources, a bear has robbed a boat! Witnesses say an enormous bear with fur the color of night and a presence that instilled all those who beheld him with dread broke into the docks in Santone with a trunk strapped to his back. In short order the bear incapacitated all guards on duty, flipped thousands of gold worth of luxury items though the air and into the trunk, then charged through the reserve guards just arriving on the scene. Investigators looking into the incident are baffled. “What in the name of Melora would a bear want with half a stone of saffron? I can maybe understand the luxury furs, but saffron? That’s to say nothing of the goblets. How would a bear even hold them?” Authorities are increasing patrols around the area but have advised caution when travelling through the surrounding forests until the culprit is caught saying, “Most humanoid races generally don’t have much to fear from bears unless we come across one by incident. But…well, who knows with this one. If nothing else, I’m guessing we’d all taste pretty good with saffron to a bear.”

Sage of Ioun seeks
mysterious somethingorother!

According to sources, Sage Ekur of Ioun has begun searching for evidence of the start of an ancient and recurring ritual of uncertain characteristics that may or may not exist! Said Sage Ekur according to reports upon leaving the Grand Archives, “Well, it may not actually be a ritual but an occurrence…or maybe an object. An object…that would answer a lot of questions. And be puzzling in wonderful ways!” According to fellow sages, if Ekur is to be believed and the SoO [Somethingorother] exists, it would be of critical importance to all the mortal realms, or at least be very fascinating to researchers specializing in obscure planar phenomenon. According to his fellow clergy Ekur has traced the SoO to existing (if it exists has existed or will exist) somewhere in The Glades. The Council of Stars in response has said clergy of Ioun are always welcome in The Glades for honest research.

Richard Medarrion betrothed!

According to sources, the courtship between His Majesty, King Richard Medarrion and Vicountess Keake Almarria Kalani has reached fruition! While no official announcement is expected until after the war, sources close to both families have reported an agreement has been reached. They also claim the arrangement is far from all political. Says an anonymous source, “He’s genuinely fond of her. He actually sits, reads and rereads her letters. Rereads them. Do you know how few letters he actually reads through himself even once? Normally if he hasn’t gotten Constant to summarize the important parts, he’s only glanced through it himself. He can quote it back to you after, certainly, but he gives them only the glance he needs for that and not a second more.”

Answered Countess Aieia Makaria Kalani when asked, “Oh, an engagement? I haven’t heard anything official about that. They’ve certainly been smitten with each other since the moment they’ve met, though. I’m almost sick death of hearing my lovely daughter go on about him, to give you that honesty I know you criers adore. Hmmm…I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what their time together after the war will bring.”

House Melindor declares neutrality!

According to sources, Warden Adelbert Melindor has disavowed both sides in the civil war! In his declaration, he seemed to express no preference for either claimant saying “House Melindor has no interest in succession or this war over it. We have been charged with the proper governance of our lands. That is our concern and will remain our concern regardless of who wears the crown.”

Reaction to his declaration has been mixed but not been positive from either claimant. “Lord Melindor’s a good man," sources close to Thomas Constant told us he’d remarked. "But I wish he’d consider the wider implications of his decision. He should understand neutrality is not without its effect and may not serve him as well as he would intend.”

Reaction from Alaric Hellnor was reportedly more terse. “He would do well to remember what blood runs through his family’s veins." sources tell us he said. "He cannot hide from it, and he should no longer ignore it. Indeed, he may not have the luxury of doing so for long.”

Goblin banners raised at Avon-by-the-Sea!

According to sources, The Goblins at Avon-by-the-Sea have marshaled for war! This has surprised some who claim the goblins desired to be a peaceful tribe. Others have said this is just what was to be expected, goblins being what they are. Regardless, the banners raised, those knowledgeable in goblinoid have said, name the assembled hordes as the Akar Uru-Gajat, which translates into common roughly as “Band of the Rekindled Past.” Interestingly, the same scholars say, is the omission of the common prefix “Soukh” which, if added to the name, would have named them “Warband of the Rekindled Past.” According to Farek, Scholar of Ioun, a noted demihuman anthropologist, warband is the most common group affiliation outside of tribe goblins claim, the only notable exception having been The Armies of the Red Hand in the far east.

The Tyrian Times War Journals!

According to sources, The Tyrian Times is creating a set of dedicated criers to bring you the news of the war! Curious what’s happening in the battles between Dnessar and Halledar? Worried if your loved ones in Alasdair have had to resort to boiling shoe leather over the seige? Then head to the crier with the striped armband and throw him a few copper for the latest reports of the war from the crier’s association reporting the least speculation, The Tryian Times.

The Tyrian Times: All the news that’s fit to cry.