Amrissa Herindale

Estranged Sister of Lords Kevish and Aban Melchior Herindale


Amrissa Herindale is the estranged sister of Lord Aban Melchior Herindale and theoretically heir to the seat of Lord Kevish Herindale at Kermon.

The youngest daughter of her family, she well well-known in Kermon for the frequent disputes she found herself in with other family members, which eventually led to her disfavor within House Herindale. Despite this, she served under her brother Aban during the War of Medarrion, distinguished herself well in combat and was ultimately given command when Aban left with August Company for the south. Her status was not to last, however. As her older brother and lord of Kermon Musa Herindale recovered from his injuries she was removed from command, frequent arguments between the two began again and when Musa passed away unwed and without child it was her younger brother, Kevish, who was given the seat at Kermon.

Her relationship with Kevish proved no better. One night there was a particularly explosive argument between the two that ended with what Kevish described as, “[her] finally going mad” but that NĂºria Urteaga, the Master-at-Arms of Kermon, described as “[…] an emotional breakdown. The result of years of unceasing aggression against her they proved too simple to resolve any other way, borne of her simply being different and intelligent at the same time.” She disappeared the next morning, never to be seen in Kermon again. Master-at-Arms Urteaga resigned her post and left Kermon shortly thereafter.

Amrissa Herindale

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