A priestess of the Raven Queen said to be touched by the goddess herself


“Sir,” she asked me. “Why do we celebrate the onset of winter?” She was always asking questions of late. Soon, I was convinced, my lessons would mostly be spent answering them instead of lecturing.
“Because Our Lady’s the patron of winter, child. Now come, let us return to our reading.” She made a face, then, as if she had just been given a taste of something unpleasant and was slowly, deliberately deciding she did not like it.
“That doesn’t explain anything. Why is she the patron of winter?” I sighed. She was following some trail of thought I could not see but would be made aware of soon, I was sure.
“Because she chose to be, child, and so she bids us celebrate it.”
“But that doesn’t tell us why. Nothing dies in the winter, no more than in any other season. Mostly things just go to sleep, and in some places the winter isn’t even that cold.”
“We don’t need to know why child. That she has chosen is enough.” Finally her face showed her decision was made. This answer would not satisfy.
“You’re wrong.” She said stubbornly, or so I thought. There she was, this ragamuffin, this orphan child ignoring all etiquette between teacher and student. “If we don’t understand why she’s chosen something, how can we say we understand her will? How can we claim to serve what we do not understand?” She turned to face me, then, her eyes staring straight into mine. There was a fire in those eyes as they looked at me, but it wasn’t a fire born of anger or antagonism. No, her eyes were lit then with the fire of wisdom.
It was then that I realized I will not be able to teach her for much longer. Before long, there will be nothing for me to teach. The letter must go out tomorrow at sunrise. She will need to be trained at the High Temple, for soon there will be no other place for her, and we must not squander what she might become. I will pay for her studies myself, if need be.
- From the diaries of Arjhan, priest of the Raven Queen.

Cassandra is a priestess of the Raven Queen highly respected by her temple and said by some to be touched by the goddess herself. As a small child, she was left in the care of a Temple of the Raven Queen by parents she never met. She excelled there greatly, moving from being a servant to being sent to the High Temple of the Raven Queen for study in a few short years. After becoming ordained, she spent some years in the High Temple of the Raven Queen pursuing further studies and teaching initiates until one day she told the high priest the goddess had need of her elsewhere and set off.

She has been largely itinerant and increasingly well-known among her temples since. With the exception of her horse, she is usually seen alone, unarmed, and unarmored.

Heroes and Fools and their their successors have found that she considers restoring House Hellnor to the throne as her sacred duty, believing that for nearly one-hundred years they led Tyria by divine right, and Gregor Medarrion, in usurping him, was guilty of hubris in attempting to cast off the role fate had in store for him. Despite this, she has proven willing to put aside this work to face more immediate threats to Tyria and the Raven Queen’s domains.

She was last seen in the port town of Lezhit, caring for the sick and wounded there.


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