Jorin Peterson

Survivor of the Sacking of The Raven Queen's Temple at East End


Jorin Peterson a was peasant who for most of his life was of little significance. Upon the death of his wife, he traveled with her remains and his son to the Temple of The Raven Queen at East End. He was there for the sacking and, along with Sarah Adina, was one of only two survivors of the attack. He secluded himself in his home after his return speaking only once to corroborate the account of Sarah Adina after she died. He withdrew from others more and more as the days went by.

Oops… spoke to him while investigating the sacking and received testimony they believe indicated temple had been from both without and within by rakshasas disguised as members of the clergy and passing merchants from House Kellindor. Between the wracking sobs of his account they also learned his silence on the matter was bought with threats to the life of his daughter, his only remaining family, whom they were told lives in Vorreiter. They attempted to protect him after he gave his testimony but ultimately failed in the face of a rakshasa assault. Officially, he is believed to have died by a fire he started himself in despair. Testimony by his ghost has corroborated the accounts of Oops… LLC but is known only to The Temple of Bahamut and Lady Tatiana Crescas.

Jorin Peterson

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