Yue Ying Kedan

A secretive bard with great talent who has made her home in Naugard


“One should never make a promise she can’t keep. The world is a bitter place, but it is better to accept this than the comfort of a lie.” She was right, of course, but at that moment I found her simply aggravating.
“I made no promises.” I answered. She smiled wryly at that. I could just see the smile beneath the shadows of her hood, and only because I had been staring, trying to catch a glimpse of her tattoo. I had seen it only once before, the first time I heard her play. The memory of it and the moment had indelibly imprinted themselves into my mind. Before then, I knew tattoos only as tawdry expressions of love, lust and loyalty marking so many sailors. Hers was a work of art transforming her body into a canvas. It rose from beneath her hips up across her back and came to a rest near the base of her neck. It was unfinished, but having seen it I could never consider tattoos foolish again. If she noticed my staring she gave no indication.
“One need not say the words ‘I promise.’ for a promise to be made.” She said. It was true, and I hated hearing it even as I loved her for saying it. Did she make all people feel this way?
“Enough of this. You are here for a reason, and this is not it.”
“You retreat?”
“Then why not tell me why you sought me out and why you broke your promise?” Simple, piercing and unrefusable. Was this her manner at all times, or did she simply know what would affect me the most? At the time, I could find neither answer preferable to the other.
- An account of a conversation with Kedan Yue Ying from the diaries of Adia Barshai.

Yue Ying Kedan (properly Kedan Yue Ying) is a mysterious and somewhat reclusive bard belonging to The Mu Rong. Besides her family affiliation, little is generally known of her. Despite having great musical skill, even taking the grand prize in the only competition she performed in during the wedding celebrations of Adaia Barshai, she has rarely been known to play where she can be easily heard. Despite being seen frequently in Naugard, it is unknown where in Naugard her residence is or if she even has one. She seems to know countless stories, popular, foreign and obscure, telling them with great verve and intonation or hush and melancholy, but speaks little of herself. Some have noted she seems to be quite close to Adaia Barshai, but the nature of their association is unknown. While there must be those who hold this knowledge, they have done a remarkable job of seeming none the wiser. She is frequently seen carrying a modified lute of said to be of her own design.

It has since been learned:

According to investigations by Murg Starblink, Yue Ying Kedan seemed to have been involved in a romantic relationship with Adaia Barshai that was brought to a harsh end upon Adaia Barshai’s engagement with Raphael Inierez. Despite this, she attended the festivals surrounding the wedding wanting Adaia to hear her perform. She has claimed, however, her music is not for public performance. While she did not elaborate on this point, it is consistent with the behavior of The Mu Rong.

She was recently dispatched to Aevestra from Naugard by Adaia Barshai to warn Lavonne Melindor and Phaedra DeGhym of the approaching forces of Rurik Barshai. She was last known to have agreed to assist Phaedra in seeing Lavonne safely home.

Yue Ying Kedan

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