Lavonne Melindor

Heiress to Avon and niece of Andrew Hellnor, Last of the Hellnor Kings


“M’Lady” I insisted. “We can’t. There is no lord to the west, but that does not give us leave to march there as we please, and the west holds risks enough.” It was nothing she did not already know, I knew, and while I took satisfaction in being able to sway Adaia, of all people, with a lesson, I was sorry to do it.
“Adaia, we have to…what do we do?” Lavonne asked her, all distress and flutter.
“I-I don’t know. I just…I don’t.” Came the only response. Lavonne seemed to study her for a moment, and the next something in her changed.
She rounded on me suddenly, with an intensity I had never seen in her before. The sweetness and innocence we had all come to know her by seemed subdued, replaced with an aura a presence something I have no words for. I had seen similar in Lord Rurik, but never so gripping as I did here. It made me nervous, self-aware but filled with a strong desire to not disappoint.
“Have you been given orders from Lord Rurik or Lady Nissa to not follow commands from Lady Adaia?”
“N-no, m’lady, only-” I stammered, but she did not allow me another word.
“And are you normally in the habit of not doing so?”
“No, but-”
“Do the wiles of the untamed west strike enough fear into you that you would abandon your honor?”
“No m’lady!”
“Then what leads you to refuse her orders, lieutenant?” She demanded of me, her gaze piercing through me, searching me as if to seek out my measure. I would not disappoint.
“Forgive me. I meant only to advise.”
“We thank you for your willingness to do so. Your advice has been considered, now follow your orders. Ride hard. Skip towns. Leap ahead of them, don’t search. Cut them off, don’t find. The latter will be left to us.”
“M’lady?” I asked, confused to learn that she planned to step in personally.
“Dismissed Lieutenant.”
“Yes m’lady!” Was the only answer I thought fit to give and left to rally my men.
-An account from the journals of Lieutenant Brennan Hearthstone on the start of the Western Foray

Lavonne Melindor is the Daughter of Lady Aurora Melindor and Lord Adelbert Melindor, heiress to Avon and niece of Andrew Hellnor, last of the Hellnor Kings. Despite her status as a high-ranking noble and heiress to significant territories, it is her connections to the lost line of kings that has governed her life. While, as a woman, she was ineligible to inherit the throne, any male she either wed or gave birth to would carry a strong claim. Because of this, her parents had refused all suitors for her and forbidden her from wedding, and so at the age of twenty-six, she finds herself without husband, suitor or child despite her stature.

The corollary to this has been she is generally free to act as she wishes and pursue whatever interests she desires. This has led her to many pursuits and friendships her parents have frowned upon but felt obliged to allow. The least of these has been extensive martial training at the hands of Phaedra DeGhym, whom she regards as family.

She is great friends with Adaia Barshai. While Lavonne has avowed neutrality in the civil war, Adaia Barshai has told her while she feels no inherent loyalty to either house, she would have supported Lavonne without question.

After fleeing the forces of Rurik Barshai with Yue Ming Kedan and Phaedra DeGhym at her side as she attempted to make her way back home to Avon. The attempt failed, however, and she was been captured by agents of The Council of Stars led by Umraeafay DeGhym. She is currently held captive by The Council in The Glades.

She had been being used by Umraefay as one of several pieces in her plan to secure a noble house. The Band of the Rose has recently begun an alternate means of securing Umraeafay a noble house, however, and her current role in The Glades has been left uncertain; however, while there she sought the assistance of The Band of the Rose in overriding Alaric Hellnor’s claim as the head of House Hellnor and claiming the throne.

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Lavonne Melindor

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