Rurik Barshai

Head of House Barshai and Warden of the Southern Coast


“Take a look at ’er, lads,” Rurik called out to his men. “She’s a hell of a ship. Took a thousand men ten-thousand hours to build if she took a day. Not a detail was spared attention from fore to aft. She’s a beauty, without a doubt, the pride of her fleet.” At this a great cheer went up from his men and Rurik turned to the Krytan admiral that had been her owner just a few short hours ago.
“Thank you for giving her to us.” He said and began making his way to the ship’s forecastle. “Shura, she’s yours. I just want to take a look at ‘er, but ’ave ’er brought into shore within the week. I want ’er fixed up and ready t’sail soon. Another fleet’s coming, and it’ll do us good to have ‘er on our side. We’ll see how they greet the sight of her then.”
Rurik was not halfway there when his bosun reached him, “Captain, she’s an enormous ship,” he said.
“Her fore and mainmasts are wrecked, and her side is shot full of holes.”
“Aye, I remember. We did that to her. Wasn’t that long ago, Stepan.”
“Captain, fixing her before the next fleet arrives, well, just with manpower alone, do you know how much that would cost?” Rurik stopped then and faced his bosun directly.
“Don’t be absurd, Stepan. Of course I’ve no idea, nor do I care. That’s the sort of thing I married Nisa for. If it can be done, she’ll do it. If it can’t, she’ll let me know and call me a fool, but that’s left to her. I just know what we need to do to win.”
- Excerpt from the unpublished memoirs of Stepan of Naugard

Rurik Barshai is a veteran of three wars, the Warden of Naugard, and head of House Barshai. He has led Naugard since the death of his father and older brother in war at the age of 13. He is the husband of Nissa Barshai and father to Adaia, Anton, Ida, and Tatiana Barshai. He has been both loved and hated over the years for his direct manner and what some have called the impossibly high standards he seems to set for those around him. Regardless, in the eyes of most, his methods have served Tyria and Naugard well, as historians generally credit his crushing defeats of Kryta’s navy in The War of Silence and again in The War of Princes as the reason Kryta sent what was considered only a token force against Naugard during The War of Medarrion.

Rurik Barshai

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