The Bear

Little is known about the bear other than the legends of his martial prowess


Tales grow by the day of a certain bear wandering the lands. No normal bear is this one. In some tales the bear appears to the helpless in a time of need, rescuing them from grim fates. In other tales the bear appears and mauls people when perhaps a stern talking to would have sufficed. In still others, the bear appears seeking only a challenge from the greatest warriors the land had to offer, but besting them all. None know the bear’s purpose, but that the bear has one is sworn to by those who’ve witnessed the bear’s deeds. They can feel it, they swear, in the bear’s every move, in the bear’s every roar. When the bear’s purpose must be met, who can say? Yet if the tales of the bear are any indication of the speed with which the bear moves faster and faster across the land, the hour of it draws near indeed.

Unless instead there’s really an army of bear warrior masters, in which case that’s just fucking terrifying.

The Bear

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