Houses of Note

Houses of note in Tyria can generally be divided into two types, merchant houses and noble houses. Noble houses are houses that have been granted title and lands by the crown. Merchant houses, however, are simply houses that have gained great prominence through wealth from trade and purchased holdings. While commoners frequently refer to members of merchant houses by the same honorifics properly used to address nobles, it is technically incorrect to do so, as merchant houses hold no titles.

Noble Houses of Note:

House Arill Led by Lord Dayan Arill, Earl of Æthelstan-of-the-Hills.
House Avery Led by Lord Kenton Avery, Viscount of Einsham.
House Barshai Led by Adm. Lord Rurik Barshai, Warden of Naugard.
House Crescas Predates Tyria. Currently without head. Seated at The Keep of the First Line at Murong Gate.
House Hellnor The former royal house of Tyria. Led by Alaric Hellnor.
House Herindale Led by Aban Melchior Herindale, Warden of North Watch.
House Kalani Led by Sg. Lady Aeia Makaria Kalani, Viscountess of Dnessar.
House Keridan Led by Gen. Lord Sarthus Keridan, The Lion of South Wall.
House Medarrion The current royal house of Tyria established during the War of Medarrion.
House Melinor Led by Lord Severin Melindor, Warden of Vorreiter at Avondale.
House Stonecaller Led by Lord Hendon Stonecaller, Viscount of Helledar.
The Council of Stars Not a house proper, but all members are granted noble title equal to barony. Seated at The Glades.

Peasant Houses of Note:

House Kellindore A Merchant House of great wealth, rival of House Ignasiez.
House Ignasiez A Merchant House of great wealth, rival of House Kellindore.

Houses of Note

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