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Welcome to Tyria.

Tyria (No, not that Tyria; though you might notice a couple names shamelessly cribbed from there simply because I couldn’t think of anything better at the time) is the land of the campaign, a country first cobbled together by disparate groups of settlers and wanderers that now stands as arguably the most powerful force on the continent. Tyria has seen better days, though. Trouble has been brewing in its lands recently, and this story, as all such stories, is the story of what will become of Tyria in what may yet be the greatest crossroads in its history.


A brief history cobbled together from various histories in The Grand Archives at Alasdair.

Notable Figures

A collection and summary of notable figures who are either unattached to any particular group or institution or greater than the institution or group he or she is attached to.

Notable Events

A collection and brief summary of many significant events throughout Tyria’s history. While most of these events can be found in the histories of Tyria some are ahistorical, some do not occur in Tyria’s history proper, and other are significant enough to be highlighted outside the general sweep of Tyria’s history.

Houses of Note

A collection of and brief summary of houses of note in Tyria.


A collection and brief summary of the many religious institutions, clans, adventuring parties, mercenary groups, and other associations in Tyra.


An appendix of various locales in Tyria.

The Tyria Times

The archives of the Tyria Times, all the news that’s fit to cry™.

Notable Miscellanea

Curiosities and uncategorical objects of interest.

Quest Log

A running log of all quests and things of interest, past and present, because these things are useful.

Main Page

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