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Reports from the fortnightly archives of the Tyria Times:

North Watch declares for House Medarrion!

According to sources, House Herindale has declared for House Medarrion! The declaration came from The Black Hound himself in the form of a proclamation defending the legitimacy of Richard Hellnor’s claim, stating:

That a murderer and usurper was made king is perhaps a mark against our past. Creating another to put on our throne would me a mark against us. Tyria has long stood for the belief that blood does not matter. The Hellnor’s famously exhorted the lords of old to name a worthy peasant as heir to their title over sons and daughters who did not care or would not care well for the responsibilities it carries. We’ve bowed to the philosophy but not the practice, The Hellnors least of all. Another mark, perhaps, on our history. […] Were I allowed my choice of years of a person’s life, who could I not make a case against? What then of one who has but a single year to judge by? By what fair argument can you claim him unworthy of the throne? Whatever means his father came to it by, he came to it by means we all accept.[…] He was crowned king, and the title has been passed to his son. […] What argument, then, gives us not the right not merely to take up arms against the king but to plunge our country into civil war?

Some have accused The Black Hound of having sold his loyalty for the seat at North Watch, a claim those close to him have roundly dismissed. Whatever the truth a squad bearing August Company’s banner was recently making its way toward South Wall, and rumours surrounding what numbers August Company has abroad have begun spreading like wildfire.

House Hellnor reborn at Antion!

According to sources, Lord Kenneth Culver, Baron of Antion declared for House Medarrion only to be overthrown by insurrection! Reports claim few outside of his houses’ guard stood against the insurrection, and within days of the declaration House Culver found itself deposed and imprisoned. Shortly afterward none other than Alaric Hellnor was raised to the seat at Antion and proclaimed heir to House Hellnor by the assembled militia. Upon taking his seat, witnesses claim he said to his followers, “Too long have we stood by, watching the lands of our fathers, and our fathers’ fathers come to ruin. Too long have we waited for the cousins of House Hellnor to rise to the task of restoring Tyria. Too long have we all waited, hoped in vain and suffered in our complacency. No longer! The time to restore Tyria is at hand! The task of honoring the blood and sacrifice of our ancestors is ours! I swear to you now I will not rest until we are again what we once were, until we can once again stand at peace with our forebearers and proudly call ourselves Tyrians!”

While many had been expecting a first cousin of Andrew Hellnor to be named, none seem to dispute the strength of Alaric Hellnor’s claim.

Avery the Black reclaims seat at Einsham, declares for House Hellnor!

According to sources Kenton Avery marched on Einsham unopposed at the head of a company bearing the twin standards of Houses Avery and Hellnor! Reports claim he was greeted by his cousin, Lord Eustice Brevard, who greeted him personally in the main hall, title in hand. Upon retaking his old seat he pledged fealty to Alaric Hellnor, proclaiming:

“When, in Tyria, did it become honorable to leave a wrong unpunished because to correct it would prove troublesome? […] Had [Gregor Medarrion brought peace] as the general of his sworn king, Matthew Hellnor, he would have been esteemed above all. He did not. He […] betrayed the faith of all those who placed their hopes in him, for surely none who hoped he would bring peace hoped for the death of their king as well. […] Let those who would question his guilt first explain why a man loyal to his king would take the throne for himself before swearing fealty to the next in line. […] In the end, despite what else he might have been, Gregor Medarrion was an oathbreaker and king-slayer. He was a murderer sitting on our kings throne. He was no king. What can his son claim to have inherited? By what right can he claim to rule? […] We bear the son no malice. Let him step down. Let him put right what his father set wrong. There is honor to be had there. Let not his greed lead him to repeat the folly of his father. […] What might Einsham has to offer, we pledge to the truest son of these lands. For House Hellnor! For Tyria!

Observers continue to speculate on where the men he led may have come from, noting the relative youth of most in the company.

Aban Melchior Herindale named Margrave of the North!

According to sources, his Majesty Richard Medarrion has named The Black Hound of Herindale as Margrave of the North! The declaration was reportedly met with great relief in Kermon where they feared an outsider to the region would be named. “We will be honored to serve him.” Guard Captain Devon Thale reportedly commented. “Truly, a better choice could not have been made. We will all be pleased to have him north again.” Lord Herindale, recently arrived in Tyria from voyages abroad, took his family and forces north immediately upon receiving the news from a royal courier. Despite this, he has yet to name a successor to the seat at Kermon. Rumours surrounding Amrissa Herindale, however, who has not been seen since disappearing from Kermon years ago, began circulating the moment The Black Hound was named. Not a word on the matter seems to have come from Lord Herindale or his men in August Company, who seem intent on maintaining their reputation for discipline.

The Glades Declare for House Hellnor!

According to sources, The Council of Stars, led by Eldarion Melurivel, has declared for House Hellnor! While no official proclamation regarding the declaration has been made, Eldarian was reported to have said after the latest meeting of the Council, “For nearly a century Tyria had been faithfully guided by House Hellnor. This brief lapse, this mar by treachery should not and shall not be allowed to change that. It is an aberration, a wrinkle, we will see ironed out.” Nor further comment regarding their allegiance was forthcoming. Within hours of the declaration, all forest paths through The Glades were closed.

The Temple of Bahamut declares for House Medarrion!

According to sources, Mry Tahariel High Justicar of Bahamut has confirmed his temple’s commitment to upholding what he named, “The king’s justice!” Justicar Tahariel further proclaimed, “The injustice of rising against he to whom highest mortal fealty is owed, who has committed no crimes to justify righteous wrath or just war being brought against him him, will not be born. We urge all those who take such a path to lay down their arms and seek absolution.” While most expected a similar proclamation, there where some who pointed to the earlier uncertainties in the temple during The War of Medarrion as basis for reasonable doubt. Justicar Tahariel made the proclamation from the High Temple of Bahamut in Æthelstan of the Hills flanked by a contingent of paladins and avengers shortly before the barricades were lowered. Regarding the development, House Arill is reported to making plans to “Put down this resistance in short order.” What this means for the faithful in Æthelstan of the Hills is uncertain.

Helledar declares for House Hellnor!

According to sources, House Stonecaller has pledged itself to House Hellnor! The strength of support for Tyria’s old royal house has left many to expect a declaration of house heir soon, a notion given weight by Hendon Stonecaller’s comments during the declaration. “The royal line of our land, the very flagstones of all we have built have been given life once more.” Sources say he declared. “It is the duty of all sons and daughters of Tyria who yet draw breath to protect them, to see that the profound structure, its contruction so unjustly disrupted, is given chance to take shape.” The declaration has surprised few given House Stonecaller’s allegiance to House Hellnor during the War of Medarrion and their uneasy relationship with House Kalani in recent years.

Dnessar Declares for House Medarrion!

According to sources, Lady Kalani has declared for House Medarrion! This is the latest in a series of similar pronouncements but will certainly not be the last. Regardless, it comes with little commentary from Lady Kalani herself. When asked of her declaration she commented simply, “Others wage war against our king. Of course we will stand behind him.” This comes as a surprise to many given Lady Kalani’s courtship of Andrew Hellnor some years ago. Some have speculated that a burgeoning courtship between her daughter Lady Keake Almarria Kalani and his majesty Richard Medarrion may have more to do with the declaration than any political sentiment. Whatever the reasons, most agree this must come as a welcome announcement for the throne given the reputation of Dnessar’s spellcasters.

Basilica of Erathis Declares for House Hellnor!

According to sources the Basilicas of Erathis have released a pronouncement against House Medarrion! The pronouncement reads, “There is no future in attempting to govern alone, in taking what others have created and pretending to thrive while building nothing. Long we have stood silent hoping the forces of civilization might prevail, but, as ever, civilization requires unceasing battle against not only those who would see it destroyed but those forces that would allow it to erode as well.” No clergy of Erathis were available to give individual comment.

Church of Ioun declares for House Hellnor!

According to sources, in a move that shocked many, the Church of Ioun has thrown it’s support behind House Hellnor! Surprisingly this declaration has come from the Archives at Eikon while the Grand Archives of Ioun has remained silent. Speaking for the church Sage Nouri said simply, “Would that this course could be avoided. If history has left us with any lesson, however, it has taught us that one cannot sit idly by and expect things to take their proper course. One must act on what one knows to be true.” What this means for the Grand Archives at Alasdair is uncertain.

Naugard Declares for House Hellnor!

According to sources, Rurik Barshai has pledged the forces of Naugard to House Hellnor! While some have suggested this my be a simple declaration of solidarity with their old ally House Arill, few believe this to be the case, seeing it as yet another calamitous chapter in House Medarrion’s reign. Regarding the declaration, Lord Rurik Barshai is reported to have said, “The boy means well, and he’s clever, I’ll give him that, but that falls sadly short of what Tyria needs. I only hope the he’ll be wise enough to see it for himself.” Shortly after his declaration a fleet of warships began taking a perimeter along the shore in what is believed to be a naval blockade against houses supporting House Medarrion.

East End Declares for House Medarrion!

According to sources House Crescas has declared for House Medarrion! Some see this as a direct response to Lord Arill’s declaration earlier this year, but Hadar Crescas himself gave Lord Arill no mention saying only “There is no point in clinging to the past, to what may have been, in neglect of the present. Fortunes shift and fade. It is the way of things. Duty. Fealty. These things are constant, however, and we must bear their weight always, as we do now.” While many hold House Crescas in the highest regard, many doubt their chances against Æthelstan-of-the-Hills were they to meet in the field, as conservative estimates put them outnumbered at three to one. Does the fate they suffered after The Battle of the Pale Sun so many years ago wait for them again?

Sage of Legends Spotted in Avon-by-the-Sea!

According to sources, the sage of legends was seen in Avon-by-the-Sea patroning The Swaggering Drunk! This reclusive font of wisdom disappeared years ago after solving The Riddle of The Ayyivist Masiri with but a moment’s thought. A group of scholars approached him for his wisdom whereupon all present agree the following exchange took place:
“What then, oh wise one, is the answer?”
“Please, we seek only greater wisdom.”
“Gank a big HOOler, bubby!”
“Um…‘Gank a big hooler’ oh wise one?”
“Aye! Aye! ’as right! Gank a big hooler!”
He then staggered away singing “I been a jolly feller since I was the age o’ nine.”
The scholars are presently attempting to decipher his wisdom.

Love and Death in Naugard!

According to sources, an assassination attempt against, well, everyone at the wedding of Adaia Barshai and Raphael Ignasiez was thwarted in large part by The Heroes of the North! The attackers came in force seemingly out of nowhere during the ceremony, but the high temple has since asserted they arrived through a series of unconfined aquifers under the temple. “The problem is, we don’t understand how,” says Soveliss, high priest of the temple. “No other entrances into the aqueduct have ever been discovered, and guards were stationed at the aquifer in case something like this should happen. Where they found a way in, how they approached the guard without notice on boats, and how they slew them without a sound, as of yet these questions simply have no answers.” Whatever their methods, the assault resulted in few casualties, allowing the two lovers to marry in peace at the Barshai palace grounds. Also, according to attendees, the cake was excellent. Had only such heroes been present in Kermon the year before, the tragedies there might similarly have been averted.

Theft in the Scriptorium of Ioun!

According to sources, an unknown thief has made off with several documents from the Scriptorium of Ioun! While the nature of the documents has not been disclosed, sources say their theft is, “Troubling. Very troubling indeed. To think someone would want to steal those…I can only…no. No, I’ve said too much.” The thief is reported to have been a lone figure who fled west. No other details of the theft have been made available. It is assumed a team of avengers will soon be dispatched to retrieve the stolen documents.

Adaia Barshai’s betrothal announced!

According to sources, the betrothal of Lady Adaia Barshai, eldest daughter of Lord Rurik Barshai and Lady Nissa Barshai and heir to Naugard and her shores, has finally been announced! For years rumors have surrounded the state of her prolonged courtship with Raphael Ignasiez, in part as questions on the subject of her prolonged courtship were always met with Adaia Barshai’s observation of the “odd” correlation between asking “too many such questions about [her] personal affairs” and being struck by lightning. The precise cause of this curious phenomenon has yet to be accurately determined. According to those close to House Barshai, Lord Rurik is reported to have remarked, “About sodding time. If she’d been a dragon, this would’ve been done sooner. Make ‘er a woman with brains, though and suddenly the whole thing’s terrifying and complicated. Shame about Gabriel, though.”

Temple of the Raven Queen sacked and desecrated!

According to sources, the Temple of the Raven Queen at East End was attacked! The attack left only two known survivors, Sarah Adina of House Crescas, paladin of the Raven Queen and a layperson she helped escape, Jorin Peterson. Before succumbing to her wounds shortly after their arrival at East End, Adina swore revenge on House Medarrion, claiming to have seen their colors among their attackers. Jorin has been unable to confirm or deny her claims, but the crown has vehemently denied any involvement, promising justice for those responsible. The High Temple of the Raven Queen has been largely silent, saying only that more information was needed before action could be taken. The citizenry at East End expressed shock that a force large enough to sack a temple had been so close without their notice. When a contingent of guardsmen was dispatched to the site the next day, the only evidence of the attackers they found were reported to be the temple ruins themselves.

Æthelstan of the Hills declares for House Hellnor!

According to sources, the influential Lord Arill of Æthelstan-of-the-Hills, keeper of the Central Plains, has declared for House Hellnor! The declaration of allegiance with Tyria’s old line of kings has come as a shock to many, especially as it left unsaid precisely whom from the blood of House Hellnor has gained his support. House Arill‘s strong support of Gregor Medarrion’s claim to the throne directly following the War of Medarrion was seen by many as instrumental to its success. Shortly after Gregor Medarrion renamed Æthelstan to Alasdair some years later, however, Lord Arill famously renamed his home to Æthelstan-of-the-Hills. Comment from the crown has been muted, but Thomas Constant is reported to have remarked, “I certainly hope they realize what they’ve just done,” and witnesses say carrier pigeons have been seen flying from the castle at Alasdair in greater number than usual.

Ser Matthew Peregrine marches to save Avondale!

According to sources, none other than Matthew Peregrine himself has been tasked with marching to Avondale to save it from a Trollish threat. Rumor had it there might have been more than one reason a royal knight would march on the home of Aurora Melindor, but Ser Peregrine dismissed them off-hand. “We go to keep the king’s peace. Nothing more. Lord Melindor’s obligations keep him elsewhere, but we will not let his lands suffer for it.” Rumors regarding an invoker of Ioun hand-picked by a sage from the Grand Archives who was sent with him, however, went unaddressed.

Mindarthis Silverburg finally meets justice!

According to sources, the notorious murderer, scoundrel, upsetter of the peace, and general ne’er-do-well has finally met with justice. Witnesses claim they’ve never seen a more jubilant crowd at a hanging. Those present at his trial say Mindarthis at long last admitted most of his wrong-doing, but remained defiant. Known accomplice and fellow criminal Stank still at large.

Manhunt for Stank has begun!

According to sources, the hunt for the goblin companion of Mindarthis Silverburg has begun! Previously thought to have merely been an unwitting companion of Mindarthis based on reports by Desmond of Embouchure, testimony at the trial of Mindarthis Silverburg revealed him to be a knowing accomplice and the most active hand in the murder of both Heradrin and Lord Kevish Herindale. Rumors of Stank making his way to the goblin settlement near Avon-by-the-Sea have been taken seriously, and a company from South Wall led by Lieutenant Germond Avonmore has been sent to investigate the settlement.

House Kellindore recovers, begins trading in earnest!

According to sources House Kellindore has recently signed a large number of highly lucrative trade contracts, many taking advantage of our burgeoning trade relationship with Kryta. After the the recent tragic events surrounding House Kellindore, including the death of several members and destruction of their estates at Embouchure at the hands on none other than Mindarthis Silverburg himself, many thought House Kellindore had suffered losses that would take years to recover from. “House Kelindore has untold strength in it,” said Lucas Kellindore, head of the house, “The loss of a manor, a handful of caravans is nothing to our faith, our resources, or our resolve. Those members we have lost, however, are irreplaceable, and we mourn them still.” As to whether the recent activities of Charlotte Kellidore are a manifestation of that strength, Lucas is reportedly more reticent. Still, according to one source he commented, “She certainly has Kellindore blood, that one.”

Peace returns to Kermon!

According to sources, after a long struggle involving refugees, bandits, foreign mercenaries, and more, the forces of Lord Melinor have brought peace to Kermon and the region. With Lord Kevish Herindale slain and the young Lord Avery still missing, who will lead this region when Lord Melinor leaves? Sources close to Lord Melinor admit his concern over rumors of trolls in his lands. “I fear not for my wife or daughter,” sources close to him claim he’s commented, “least of all for Lavonne, but what of my people? I’m sworn to protect them.” Under these circumstances, locals wonder, how long can he be expected to stay? And then what will the region look like when he leaves?

Dracolich rumors given new weight!

According to sources, the High Priest of the Raven Queen has met with his Majesty Richard Medarrion! This shortly after an expeditionary force from the high temple of the Raven Queen returned from the northeast and a great number of messengers were reported to have been sent from the High Temple to destinations unknown. When asked whether or not there was any truth to the rumors, adviser to the crown Thomas Constant would only reply, “There have been no definite signs. We cannot say for certain one way or another.” It seems even the most vile of criminals speak the truth in a tribunal.

Man wrestles with bear, loses!

According to sources, Hafushin, five-time champion of the Corral Circuit has finally met his match! Sources say he was training in the wilderness, learning from nature when he came across a great bear. The bear stood, staring at him, and when Hafushin attempted to scare it away with his trademarked battle cry, the bear rose into a perfect raging bear stance. Hafushin felt this was the challenge he had been awaiting for his entire life, dropped into stalking tiger stance, and charged. He was then summarily defeated. Rumor has it this is the very same bear that bested Komar the Boxer years ago. Is anyone a match for this ursan dynamo?

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