The Tyrian Times War Journals!

Halledar takes heavy losses against North Watch!

According to sources, the opening skirmish against North Watch resulted in a route of Halledar’s forces! Most had expected the fight to go in Halledar’s favor, as due to the extended lifespan of many of Halledar’s forces, a large portion is comprised of veterans of the wars against Kryta. Further, given the reports of troubles in North Watch’s lands, most of North Watch’s most strongest forces were expected to be held in reserve. Instead, there was a fielding of what appeared to be seasoned forced from August company leading surprisingly well-trained forces from North Watch. Comment from North Watch on the victory has been muted. Officers from Halledar have reportedly commented, “They got off easy this time. Next time we’ll be ready, and next time they’ll be in for a fight.”

Reports also indicate forces from Æthelstan-of-the-Hills have begun marching on North Watch. Most commenters expect this to adversely affect North Watch’s future battles with Halledar.

South Wall in Peril!

According to sources, South Wall is besieged on all sides! Despite early victories against ground forces from Naugaurd and successfully having fended off attempts to their ports in the seas, reports indicate things have taken a turn for The Lion. Forces from Naugaurd have been fortified by Æthelstan-of the-Hills, and are now reportedly being led by Dame Quintana herself. At the same time, Naugard is reportedly gathering its fleet while forces in insurrection and The Black Falcons working seemingly working in concert have cut of ground forces from South Wall Keep to the coast. “You chose a poor time to return, and an even worse to betray your king, “Old Friend.”” Lord Arill is reported to have commented, seemingly unconcerned about the third party forces fielded in South Wall.

Many had initially expected Warden General Sarthus Keridan’s involvement to be a determining factor in the war. Will he and his recently named heiress instead be the first major casualties?

War in the North!

According to sources, pitched battle has broken out between Dnessar and Halledar, and Halledar has begun marching forces to North Watch and Alasdair’s lands! Given the historically rocky relations between Dnessar and Halledar, most had expected the border between the two to be the first site of conflict, and Houses Kalani and Stonecaller have met expectations. The fighting first broke out near the border with Alasdair. According to witnesses, House Stonecaller attempted to disrupt shipments crossing from Dnessar to Alasdair as they closed Halledar’s borders to the capital. The result was a literally explosive exchange that has grown into a series of pitched battles Halledar has had successively more and more trouble recovering from. Commented an officer from Dnessar on their success, “Haha, oh, I’m sure they’d give us a thrashing with those axes and hammers of theirs if they could ever reach us with them. So sad they’ve yet to get the chance.”

Commenters have noted, however, that Dnessar has been reluctant to field troops outside of their fortifications to keep this distance, which seems to have slowed any attempt to push into Halledar’s lands.

War in the central planes!

According to sources, battle is raging between Houses Crescas and Arill! Following a number of earlier skirmishes and the Assassination of Warden Hadar Crescas, reports say pitched battle has broken out in earnest. According to the same reports, the battle has not gone well for House Crescas. With the sudden loss of Hadar Crescas while facing forces vastly outnumbering them, they’ve been steadily losing ground since fighting began in earnest. Commenters have suggested they expect the fighting to reach Murong Gate shortly before winter strikes.

Matthew Peregrine marches against The Glades!

According to sources, Matthew Peregrine has taken the forces he led to victory against the trollish hordes and is marching them upon The Glades! This has been a source of confusion for many, as the forces in The Glades outnumber his forces greatly. Commented an officer on condition of anonymity, “Peregrine is too clever to throw his forces away on an open assault. Far too clever, so what can he be planning?” The answer to that question, is seems, will not be very long in coming. No further comment from any involved was available.

The Tyrian Times War Journals!

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