Shri-Inidia DeGhym


A skilled entertainer and (normally, she swears) steady hand at tattooing, she was one of a pair of bards of performing to diminishing success in Murong Gate. According to her account, a number of entertainers are leaving for Kryta, as they fear the civil war will leave them with little opportunity in Tyria.

She has since risen to co-managing director of The Band of the Rose with her love, Aristides, a position gained in exchange for her gem of true-seeing and future aid following the Rakshasa infiltration of Murong Gate.

It has since been learned…

She is indeed Phaedra’s sister.

She stabbed Phaedra once, but only because she was being lied to at the time by their dying grandmother. It really was nothing personal, and she’s constantly annoyed that Phaedra takes is personally. The stabbing came from her abduction of Phaedra to bring her to her mother and grandmother for a reunion she believed would bring the family back together. It turns out her grandmother really only wanted Phaedra brought to her to be sacrificed for the glory of Lolth. She feels she should have seen the revelation that their grandmother was lying coming, as her grandmother was a priestess of Lolth, but feel, really, we all make mistakes, and she did apologize. She also later helped kill her grandmother what seemed multiple time because she just wouldn’t die.

The same incident led to a falling out between her and her mother, Umraeafay DeGhym, when the Glades exiled her for her involvement but not her mother. She feels it was some really bad mothering, and she is terribly disappointed in her mother. She expected better of her.

She claims credit for arranging Phaedra’s happiness with someone only to have her efforts later wasted by the same. She seems to care decidedly less for altruism than her sister, and decidedly more for money and companionship; though, that is either a mask or an escape from her dissatisfaction with her past. What she truly seeks, whether she has yet realized it or not, seems to be love, adulation and/or approval.

She seems to grow increasingly prickly when feeling threatened or annoyed. She has proven adept at playing the fool.

Shri-Inidia DeGhym

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