Oops..., LLC

Oops…, LLC was the tentative name of the mostly reconstituted Second Chances, LLC. It was a completely consensus-driven adventuring group. Critics claim it was in large part because of this that it had such a hard time deciding on a course of action at times, or even sometimes getting things done. Further, they have been accused by some of, “[…] Creatively massaging the truth to suit their needs!” Regardless, they developed a track record of good and noble deeds across Tyria.

They were acquired by Shri-Inidia DeGhym in negotiations for her gem of trueseeing and have since been renamed to The Band of the Rose.

Former Members Include:

Alek Hardstone
Eradu Al Dar`tagnion
Ghesh [Missing; Status Unknown]]
Janaria Charchelle Tonks
Murg Starblink
Redgar of House Kellindore

Oops..., LLC

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