Organizations and institutions presently or at one time operating in Tyria. Not to be confused with Tyria’s Houses of Note.


August Company: A mercenary force led by Aban Melchior Herindale and founded by the same during his travels across The Blooded Sea. They are based in Nevarro; though, a full company came north with Lord Herindale when he was named Warden of the North.

Heroes and Fools, LLC: An adventuring company led by Mindarthis Silverburg. After loosing half its number, it was reconstituted and renamed to Sweeping Changes, LLC.

Sweeping Changes, LLC An adventuring company led by Mindarthis Silverburg. After participating in and perpetrating a number of morally questionable acts and loosing one of their number, they decided they needed a fresh start and renamed themselves Second Chances, LLC.

Second Chances, LLC: And adventuring company officially led by Mindarthis Silverburg. After loosing over half its number, it was mostly reconstituted and presently operates under the name Oops…, LLC.

Oops…, LLC.: The mostly reconstituted Second Chances, LLC. After a refocus of priorities following noble acts and hard decisions, they were acquired by Shri-Inidia DeGhym, in negotiations and renamed The Band of the Rose.

The Band of the Rose: The prowess and heroism of the best in Oops…, LLC. combined with the astounding leadership, peerless cunning and unmatched beauty of Shri-Inidia DeGhym (and Aristides) joined together in a refocused initiative of righting the troubles plaguing Tyria while earning as much glory and gratitude as possible while doing it. What could possibly go wrong?

The Loyalists: Tyrians loyal to House Hellnor. They have raised Alaric Hellnor as their king and begun war against House Medarrion.

Royalists: Not to be confused with Loyalists, Royalists are Tyrians loyal to House Medarrion, most of whom see Loyalists as guilty of treason to the crown.

The Black Falcons: They were once known in Tyria only through story and legend. Their apparent roll in the assassination attempt of the wedding party in Adaia Barshai and Raphael Ignaciez’s marriage was believed to mark their first appearance in the country. It has since been learned by August Company that the force presently wearing The Black Falcons’ colors in Tyria is not sanctioned by the company, but is instead led by a former member who was exiled in disgrace for “Running contrary to purpose.”

Organizations of worship

Temple of the Raven Queen: The institution of worship of the Raven Queen in Tyria. Despite the significant size and strength of the institution in Tyria, other than end-of-life services they have little interaction with the average Tyrian.

Church of Ioun: The clergy, archives, and adherents of Ioun in Tyria. As Archives of Ioun are typically educational centers, the average Tyrian interacts with the clergy and the archives of Ioun regularly, forming a community commonly referred to as the “Church” of Ioun.

Sect of Vecna: The collection of individuals who serve Vecna. Historically, this sect, more frequently referred to as a cult, has been insignificant in size and influence in Tyria. According to scattered reports, this has recently changed. In Kryta they are not only a full church with few restrictions on their worship, but, though known only to a select few, serve also as spymasters to The Adamantine Throne.

Temple of Bahamut: The institution of worship of Bahamut in Tyria. The Temple is widespread, well-loved, and wields significant influence (having presided over the coronation of every king in Tyria’s history). Despite this, their clergy, relative to those of other deities, are low in number.

Sanctuary of Pelor: The clergy, adherents, and fortifications dedicated to the worship of Pelor. Sanctuary’s represent the most popular centers of worship in Tyria, but the least numerous.

Basilica of Erathis: The institutions of worship of Erathis in Tyria. Though they are centers of worship, most also serve other functions from courthouses to public buildings, depending on the city or town it is in. While not all locations of worship of Erathis are actually basilica, they are commonly referred to as such. Despite the great influence they have in the everyday lives of Tyrians, relatively few Tyrians actually interact with them or their cleregy on a regular basis.

Peasant Houses of Influence

House Kellindore: Arguably the largest and most influential merchant house in Tyria. They are with certainty, however, the oldest, and have dominated trade on the southern coast for the better part of a century. Despite their stature, they have no noble title. They have recently been infiltrated by Rakshasa as part of a plot to destroy the Tyrian economy.

House Ignasiez: Arguably the largest and most influential merchant house in Tyria. They are with certainty, however, the most widespread and are either responsible for or have a stake in most trade caravans doing business outside of the southern coast. Though never granted a noble title, the marriage of the heir of their house to the heiress of House Barshai stands to create a merchant house of unique power.

The Mu Rong: The surviving members of House Murong. Though they retain identification and contact with each other, they are largely itinerant and hold no noble title.


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