Quest Log

Active Quests

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Save Daughter of Surviving Witness of Temple Sacking
Locate Sword of Kas
End Civil War
Stop Dracolich
Stop Cleric of Vecna
Uncode ritual plans of Black Company
Advise Lavonne on Grand General Selection
Rebuild House Kellidore
Find and stop, perhaps through destruction, Ul-Harak, The Undying
Find out why the Forgotten Kingdom Sealed Itself
Research Spell Plague
Investigate goings on at Æthelstan-of-the-Hills
Save Tyrian crown or at least Tyria from bankruptcy

Quest History

Investigate the Goblin Threat at HavenshireCompleted!
Exterminate the Goblin Threat at Havenshire Secure Safety of Goblin Clan
Report Back to Goblin Clan
Investigate Heradrin – Completed!
Confront Heradrin Wait Outside a bit Confront HeradrinCompleted!
Rescue Adrie Bennesdotter – Completed by The Honorable Sir Jet Dominic (&Co)
Investigate Roll of Temple of the Raven Queen in Havenshire LoyalistsCompleted!
Investigate Loyalist Movement at Galmor’s PassCompleted!
Run – Completed!
Investigate Status of Havenshire – Sad Trombone!
Recruit Aid from Goblin Clan Find Goblin Clan Assume All Went Well With Goblin Clan – Completed!
Rescue Allies – Partial Credit Granted to Mindarthis, for Saving Himself
Flee TyriaCompleted!
Reluctantly Return to Tyria – Completed!
Defend Caravan – Completed!
Investigate Undead in Foothills – Completed!
Defeat Necromancer – Completed!
Investigate Isolation of KermonCompleted!
Investigate Refugees North of Kermon – Completed!
Recover Lost Caravan of Ioun – Delayed but Completed!
Convince Refugees to Reject Loyalists – Completed!
Broker Peace Between Refugees and Kermon Remove Lord Kevish Herindale from Power – Completed!
Bring Kevish Herindale to Justice Murder Kevish Herindale and Lie About It – Completed!
Investigate Disturbance in North Watch’s Lands Deliver Mysterious Package for Enigmatic Figure to Aever’s Glade for Gold- Completed!
Return with Renewed Purpose to North Watch – Completed!
Save Squire from Enigmatic Figure – Completed!
Investigate Disturbance in North Watch’s Lands – Completed!
Bring Rubbing of Runes to Church of Ioun for Identification – Completed!
Visit New God Born in the Mountains of North Watch – Completed!
Destroy Eidolon – Completed!
Warn Temple of the Raven Queen of Dracolich – Completed!

  1. Investigate Trollish Activity near Avon
  2. Investigate Goblins Massing in Avon-by-the-SeaCompleted by B-Team
  3. Investigate Happenings in House KellindoreCompleted!
  4. Accompany Investegators from Temple of the Raven Queen to North Watch
    Rescue Charlotte KellindoreCompleted!
    Prove Innocence – Mostly Successful. Partial Credit.
    Meet with Cassandra – Completed!
    Save Mindarthis – Completed!
    Investigate Trollish Threat in the North – Completed!
    Check in on Kenku Village – Completed!
    Defeat Escape from Trollish Horde – Completed!
    Investigate Northern Tundras Investigate Dragon Territory Outskirts Secure Help of White Dragon – Completed!
    Bring In Captive for Questioning – Sad Trombone
    Report Developments to King
    Defeat Escape Priest of Vecna – Sad Trombone
    Stop Marauding Trollish Horde – Completed!
    Scout Northern Tundra – Completed!
    Unite Royalist and Loyalist Forces against Undead Horde – Completed!
    Defeat Undead Horde – Completed!
    Make Plans for Winter – Completed
    Learn About Noble Houses – Oops…
  5. Escort Lavonne Melindor to and from Wedding of Adaia Barshai – Partial Credit
  6. Investigate Sacking of the Temple of the Raven Queen at East End
  7. Investigate House Arill’s Declaration for House Hellnor
  8. Investigate Theft at the Scriptorium of Ioun
  9. Return North to Locate Horn of Dragon Summoning
  10. Investigate Shipment of Embalmed Hand from Lezhit
    Investigate Peculiarities Surrounding Wedding of Adaia Barshai’s Wedding – Completed!
    Defend Adaia Barshai Against Unknown Forces – Completed!
    Investigate Shipment of Embalmed Hand from Lezhit – Completed!
    Protect the Wedding Party – Completed!
    Assess state of Seekers of Ioun – Completed!
    Save Lezhit Remove the Influence of Vecna from Survivors – Completed!
    Report Developments to Thomas Constant – Completed!
    Follow Trail of Priest of Vecna – Partial Credit
    Investigate Sacking of The Temple of the Raven Queen – Completed!
    Prove Ferros’ Innocence – Completed!
    Protect Witness of Temple Sacking – Sad Tombone
    Investigate Extent of Rakshasa Infiltration in East End- Completed!
    Recruit Allies to Fight Rakshasa – Completed!
    Save East End – Completed!
    Attain Gem of True Seeing for Tatiana Crescas – Completed!
    Warn North Watch of Priest Bearing Hand and Eye of Vecna – Completed!
    Defend Kermon Against Undead – Completed!
    Make War Plans – Completed!
    Report to Thomas Constant – Completed
    Investigate Source of Troubles in North Watch – Completed!
    Gain Loyalty of Elven Mage Refugee – Completed!
    Defeat Living Ritual – Completed!
    Find Information to Cure or Defend Against “The Hungry” – Completed!
    Defeat Lich – Completed!
    Deliver Letter to Dnessar‘s Forces – Completed!
    Find Rescue Phaedra DeGhym, Yue Ying Kedan and Lavonne Melindor – *It’s gotten more complicated than that…*
    Investigate Umraeafay DeGhymCompleted!
    Convince Phaedra to Work With Her Family – Completed!
    Find and Rescue Phaedra – Completed!
    Ensure Shri-Inidia and Lavonne’s Safety – Completed!
    Convince Umraeafay to Renounce Lolth – Completed!
    Create House DeGhym Completed
    Finish Investigations Into House Kellindore – Success
    See Lavonne Safely Home Convince Lavonne to Declare Help Lavonne Declare Figure Out What to do With Lavonne – All hall the Queen
    Investigate Troubles in South Wall Completed!
    Investigate “Black Company” Completed!

Quest Log

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