To Thomas Contant:
To Aban Melchior Herindale:
To Tatiana Crescas:
To Cassadra:
To Adelbert Melindor:
To Lorekeeper Kenelm:
To Mathias:
To Sarthus Keridon:
& To Adaia Barshai: Lucas Kellindore and company replaced by Rakshasa; Charlotte OK. Confirmed part of Krytan plot. Cult of Vecna also involved. Status update, please.

To Charlotte Kellindore: Lucas is Rakshasa. Dozens of house members replaced with Rakshasa. Contracts null. Reacquired much properly. Need safe contacts in travels ahead. Cult of Vecna involved.

Replies: From Thomas Contant: Matthew Peregrine stationed outside Glades for support. Halledar close to capitulation. Undead north of Dnessar. Royal Army to relieve Murong Gate. South Wall in Peril.

From Aban Melchior Herindale: North Watch secure. Asset leading investigation into plot. Helledar should fall before Winter. August Company will sail in the spring. Ioun found dragon – protecting now.

From Tatiana Crescas: Murong is safe from Rakshasa, but our ground forces are exhausted. We’re luring Aethelstan’s forces into to a winter siege. We’ll be sure to watch Kryta.

From Cassadra: With Alaric. Will visit Glades soon then march to South Wall. Loyalist forces there corrupted by cult of personality led by Krytan.

From Adelbert Melindor: Is Lavonne safe?

From Lorekeeper Kenelm: We’ve found the horn and the dragon and are working to get both to safety. Venca’s hand is evident deep north. True war is coming.

From Mathias: I’ll work to prepare Bahumut for the coming war beyond the civil war. It’s the greater threat to the soul of more than just Tyria.

From Adaia Barshai: We’ll move to seize assets not connected to Charlotte’s wing immediately. Tell me where you’re headed next, and I’ll have illusion countermeasures meet you.

From Sarthus Keridon: South Wall in poor condition to defend against Krytan assault. Will repair situation as best as able.

Charlotte Kellindore: Am safe. Safe to eliminate pretender? Avon 235. Aethelstan 1564. Glades 131327. South Wall 2758. Embouchure 857. Santone 2. Mu Rong 1357. Naugard 28973542.

To Tatiana Crescas:

To Adelbert Melindor: She is safe. We are all currently in The Glades.

To Charlotte Kelindore: Probably not safe. Working on a solution. Will advise.

From Adelbert Melindor: Bring her home.

From Charlotte Kelindore: Understood. Will restrict to gathering intelligence. Can deliver equipment to your band to help with same.

To Aban Melchior Herindale: Challenged Alaric. Battle Ensued. We won. Lavonne now head of Hellnor. She’s planning on ordering Hellnor side to stand down. Onto South Wall next.

From Aban: If Alaric’s defeated, why’s House Hellnor still in play? Either way, we’ll stand down once we get their offer. Keep me updated.

To Adelbert: We are preparing to leave Glades with Lavonne. There may be an assassination attempt by Rakshasa on Eveline. House Kellindor will make contact, codeword pomegranate.

From Adelbert: Who is Eveline? We look forward to seeing you soon.

To Adelbert: She is the daughter of _____, a cooper from MuRong Gate.

To Aban: In Glades. Glades new rules, Shri-Inidia, declared neutrality. Lavonne wishes peace to address Vecna, Krytal Alaric disagreed, violently, and lost. He Lacked cleric of Kord.

Aban: Terrible when diplomacy extends a war, but better than the alternative. I will speak to Richard to save you the trouble.

To Lavonne: We are in South Wall currently. Is support from Naugard possible? We need troops now. Possible exarch in play.

From Lavonne: How many terrifying god things have not yet come in play? Rurik began the withdraw days ago. I can contact him to turn some around.

From “Lavonne”: Where in South Wall do you need the troops?

To “Lavonne.” We’re ultimately going to the tomb at ___ ___. We’ll scout ahead for a good location to meet. We will be in touch soon.

To Adaia: "We are 15 miles SE of Rosemont. Ready for countermeasures. Ready to move on Lucas Kellindore. May also need assistance escaping.

From Adaia: "We cannot move in force against Lucas. We’re arraying our case for seizure of assets. We can supply you but must disavow you.

To Charlotte: “Have title to Kellindor keep. Complete Rakshasa List. Safe to return soon. Stopped theft of house funds. Any orders?”

From Charlotte: “Marry me. Also, send me a copy of those names. Forward information to Barshais so Rosemont can be secured. Tell me where you’re going next.”

To Charlotte: "


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